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In a relaxed and charmed atmosphere, the Restaurant - Bar SIGNUM is pleased to captivate your taste by offering you the pleasure to taste their Mediterranean Cuisine.
This cuisine is highlighted by the excellent quality and authenticity of products used. All organically grown in our gardens: 'extra virgin olive oil, jams, tomatoes, lemons, the seafood and locally caught fish. Everything turned into gourmet dishes by the expert hands of Chef Anna.
A journey of excellent quality where the real stars are the flavours, aromas and colours of the Amalfi Coast. All served in the dining room Antigua, with oriental design, or on the Musmanno Terrace where blue and white tiles blend with the deep blue sea. Last but not least, a real treat for the most discerning palates, the real sushi is the Signum.

Raw fish, carpaccio, cut fillet of beef in Ireland and Denmark. The Mediterranean cuisine of the restaurant SIGNUM respects tradition, but also brings many new features of fusion cuisine: such as salmon in teriyaki sauce with vegetable couscous pudding and a series of original combinations of tartar.

Mediterranean and international character, then, joined by a unique "bridge" the sushi counter.

Careful selection of wines from Campania, expertly matched to the dishes in this menu, a well-stocked champagne and pastries - such as the Bavarian sesame seeds, green tea tiramisu and classic Capri - are the other strengths of the restaurant.

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